Lost is a broad term. People would often say they’re lost in the sea of their own thoughts. A lot of us feel lost in life. Now, we’re not explorers or some frontiersman but we know what you need when you’re lost. 


Something to tell you where to go. Something that will tell you you’re closer to getting “un-lost”. For the people who managed to still be on the right track, their sense of direction in life is incredible. But how about those who aren’t? They need something that will steer them back. A compass. And in life, what better compass can you ask for than a life coach?

What is Life Coaching?

Simply put, life coaching is a relationship between a life coach and a client. You tell a life coach about your goals and they will make the necessary steps for you. They help you to achieve them, motivate you towards them, and hold you accountable for them. They’re equipped with the knowledge to help you achieve it using different techniques that will suit you best.

Think of it like exploring an unknown wilderness. You know there’s a treasure somewhere but you have a very old map to guide you. Enter the life coach who will be your guide in treading this path and will walk together with you. The two of you will explore this jungle and overcome any dangers you might encounter. In the end, you’ll realise that you had it in you to overcome everything. And your life coach was there every step of the way to help you seize and achieve it.

Remember that “The past does not equal the future”. Sure, you might have stumbled before but everyone’s done that. A mistake you made in the past doesn’t limit your potential for the future. With a life coach, all these burdens you might be carrying will be slowly unloaded. And you’ll be set for a life that’s centred on the most important thing: You.

What Can Life Coaching Help With?

Problems in both personal and professional life can be broad and they can overwhelm you. When these problems clump together, they’re harder to address. One good thing that a life coach can do with/for you helps you identify these issues separately. 

It can be emotions that you need to keep under control like:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Fear


Or something that’s already a problem that you need to address like:

  • Finances
  • Phobias
  • Self Esteem
  • Reactions


Or an aspect of your life that you desperately want to change for the better like:

  • Change in habits
  • Weight loss
  • Relationships
  • Health


But if the problem you’re dealing with doesn’t fall under those, you might be looking into something better. Here are some of the best things a life coach can help you through:

  • Setting better goals: With the knowledge that life coaches have, setting goals and achieving them in the shortest time possible is a walk in the park. You’d be surprised how they’ll motivate you along the way, then you’ll realise you’re already there.
  • Achieve them quicker: Save yourself some time by completing your daily tasks or one of your long-term goals with the help of a life coach. They will make sure you follow a path of the least worries and optimum success.
  • Fewer mistakes, fewer problems: They can set you in the right direction because they did it the hard way for you. They’ve already identified the optimal path to your success where you’ll make mistakes the least. Once you’re on that road, you only need to cruise along.
  • Climb the heights of your life: If you’re not focused on moving up in your career or business, that’s fine. But if you are, a life coach can let you see what qualities you have to hone and point you towards the direction you want to go to realise your professional success.
  • Success in both personal and professional life: When your issues and problems are solved, the success you’ve achieved becomes infectious (in a good way). Your success in a personal struggle radiates towards your work and vice versa. When you’re committed to the goals set for you, success follows naturally.
  • Live a life you’ve always dreamed of: If you work well with your life coach in all aspects, living the life of your dreams becomes reality. You’re stress-free. All your problems are solved or addressed immediately. Best of all, you become a better person for yourself and your family.

Different Types of Life Coaching We Provide

We provide 4 diverse approaches in life coaching depending on what problems you want to be addressed.

A life coach's loving hand in Melbourne

Private Life Coaching

A personal coaching experience where you can explore any area of your life that isn’t working for you and discover how to change it. 

You’ll be guided by someone who is solely interested in helping you achieve the life you want, free from judgement. This process can help you work through your fears, reactions, relationships, moods, addictions, phobias, health, fitness, or finances – anything that’s holding you back from living your best life.

Life coaching toolbox in Ferntree Gully

Performance Coaching

We all want to be better at something that we’re doing. It can be at work and how you want to excel in every way. It can be something more personal like a hobby and how you want to expand on it. Or something that you do competitively like professional sports.

Whatever it might be, our coaching in a specific way to enhance your performance is key to achieving it.

Teen Coaching

Gone are the days when people think teenagers are only meant to be lost in this time of their lives. Life coaching thinks otherwise!

We can help teens deal with Anxiety conditions such as Anger, Fear, Frustration, and Worry between 14 to 25 years old. We teach them how the brain works and how quickly change can happen. We also help teenagers who are having issues at school or home, with exam stress, changes to family structure, social skills, communication, and time management. Our sessions are judgement-free and agenda-free, and we’re only here to support the teen.

Couples counselling with heart Melbourne

Couples Coaching

A more intimate couples counselling and coaching approach for partners and/or spouses. 

We’ll teach you and your partner to communicate better with each other. We’ll also guide you through using your verbal and non-verbal cues when speaking with one another. Learn what’s important for you both and explore what you can do together and alone. We can also dive deeper into our relationship coaching for couples should you need it.

Therapy is currently available by appointment,
Monday – Friday 7pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-2pm

Zoom/Phone sessions are available.

Total confidence is assured at all times.

How To Choose The Right Coaching or Coach For You?

Choosing a coaching style for you can be intimidating at first. We’re here to tell you that there’s no need to be scared. Life coaching does not use a one shoe fits all approach. At its very essence, diversity always comes through and it’s different for every person. After all, not everyone walks the same path in life. 

Let’s say you gave us a phone call and immediately told us that you absolutely need coaching. We’ll provide guidance immediately there and then. But if you want to discuss everything in detail, we’ll suggest a meeting.

At the start of our meeting, we’ll conduct a Lüscher colour test to give us an overview of your personality. Don’t worry, it’s just a simple test where you look at different colours. Nothing drastic of course. We’ll then spend the rest of the meeting chatting about your circumstances to help us identify areas that need to be addressed. After all, the whole process will revolve around you (the client) not us (therapist/coach). We also want you to complete a form with the necessary information about you to help us with the specifics of issues or problems you’re dealing with. 

From there, we’ll send you the results of your Lüscher colour test before our second meeting. This will tell us what approach we need to take and offer you a particular method of coaching. This could include Timeline therapy, Neuro Com, or Hypnotherapy depending on the issues causing your problems.

The main areas we service is Knox City Melbourne and surrounding areas such as Ferntree Gully.

Our Commitment

Much like other businesses, we pride ourselves on providing competitive prices for similar services. But as we have established and committed with previous clients, your happiness with the coaching/therapy that we provide comes first. It is our genuine concern that if you avail of our coaching services, we make sure to follow up on it. 

If you’re not happy in between our meetings, we’re happy to give you more advice over the phone. If you’re still unsure about what we discussed one meeting prior, we’d be glad to go over that in the next meeting and then some more.